One Step Beyond Podcast #3: An Anglo-American Blast from Mankind’s Nazi Past

August 11, 2014 | 0


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  1. Rhodes, The Life and Legend of Cecil Rhodes Part 1
  2. Alan Watt – New Age Religion and Orwellian “Spirituality”
  3. James Corbett – Questions for Corbett on Anglo-American Establishment
  4. Carroll Quigley – The Anglo-American Establishment (PDF)
  5. “Why Waldorf Works” on Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner (Theosophical “Education”)
  6. The Occult History of the Third Reich – The Enigma of the Swastika
  7. The Theosophical Society in America
  8. Christopher Hitchens – On C-SPAN Discussing America and Britain, Rudyard Kipling
  9. Anton Chaitkin – The British Empire Wants YOU to Be Stupid
  10. Dr. Colin Ross – CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre
  11. Mae Brussell – FBI Report Says Nazi Joseph Mengele a US Citizen
  12. John T. Gatto, Tragedy and Hope – The Ultimate History Lesson Part 3 (on William James, history of psychology)
  13. Tom Secker – Is Edward Snowden a False Flag?
  14. Fellowship of the New Life – Wikipedia
  15. Society for Psychical Research – Wikipedia
  16. The Hodgson Report – Wikipedia
  17. Gnostic Media – The Brain Model on R. Gordon Wasson and MKULTRA
  18. Society for Psychical Research Timeline
  19. American Society for Psychical Research – Wikipedia
  20. William F. Barrett – Wikipedia
  21. William T. Stead- Wikipedia, Modern History Project
  22. G. Stanley Hall – Wikipedia
  23. Edward Bernays – Propaganda (PDF)
  24. Origins of Freemasonry – Modern History Project
  25. Walter C. Langer – The Mind of Adolf Hitler
  26. Annie Besant – Wikipedia
  27. What is Outcome Based Education?
  28. Tom Lehrer – Wernher von Braun

Opening Monologue

Hello, one and all, and welcome back to the One Step Beyond podcast, brought to you by OneStepBeyond.ME, an open-source research collective tracing the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment throughout history, among other things. I’m Josh Wiley, your personal guide through today’s episode. You can find all of our work, including podcasts, accompanying show notes for each episode, articles, and documents we obtain via Freedom of Information Act request at our website, OneStepBeyond DOT ME. If you’re an iTunes user, you can download and subscribe to our podcast there, as well as on Stitcher Radio and via the TuneIn App for your on-the-go listening needs. Wherever and however you’re subscribed to this feed, please, do us a favor and rate this podcast so our research can grace the ears of more listeners like yourself.

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This is Episode 3, entitled, “An Anglo-American Blast From Mankind’s Nazi Past,” and will pick up where Episode 2 left off in examining the history of Eugenic Anglo-American Mysticism, and I’l be damned if the Third Reich doesn’t embody all three of those ideals more completely than any other group in modern history‚Ķ but where our last episode sought largely to examine the financial, political, and familial ties of Nazism to the Anglo-American Establishment, this episode will explore some of the more esoteric ideas borrowed by the Third Reich from British and American groups. Eugenics, as previously mentioned, is certainly one of those ideas, but what many may be surprised to learn is that the mystical aspect of Nazi Germany, portrayed cartoonishly in American culture through films like Indiana Jones, is also inseparable from the Anglo-American Establishment; indeed, British and American “alternative” spiritualism permeated Nazism and did far more than some may realize to justify its later eugenic practices.

Today’s podcast opened with a bit of Anglophilia 101, where we heard the dramatized reading of a quote by none other than Cecil Rhodes, DeBeers diamond and gold cartel magnate and promoter of eugenic Empire, emphasizing his dream for an Anglo-American World Government as “God’s work.” Cecil Rhodes is, of course, a key figure in the creation and propagation of the Rhodes Roundtable or Milner Group, consisting of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Chatham House in Britain, the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations, etc. who continue to push humanity towards a global Anglo-American Establishment to this day. It was James Corbett of Corbett who reminded us of this forgotten bit of history, as these specific players and themes will continue to crop up throughout today’s podcast.

I then enlisted the help of researcher Alan Watt yet again, sharing his knowledge on the history of Theosophy, a New Age religion from the 1800s whose name appeared a number of times in Episode 2, but will play a far more prominent role in today’s episode. Theosophy, the Theosophical Society, and the teachings of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, after all, are early progenitors to Nazi organizations like the Thule Society, and as you’ll learn later in today’s episode, this Germanic version of Theosophy, propagated by parapsychologists like Guido von List and Jorg Lans, served as a direct justification for Nazi Eugenics. So when Alan Watt discusses how Nazis like Rudolf Steiner are active today peddling propaganda through the American education system, remember that these unsettling trends have occurred before; Nazi Germany is, after all, one of the few societies to adopt the Prussian system of education en-masse, as is America. The propagation of this flawed educational system is, in part, because of long-dead Theosophists and Nazis like Rudolf Steiner, or like G. Stanley Hall, whose name you’ll be familiarized with later on.

For this episode and the next, you’ll be listening to two parts of a History Channel documentary series produced in the early 90s entitled, “The Occult History of the Third Reich,” which, despite being sourced from a relatively establishment publication, does a very thorough job of sourcing the history of Nazi mystic and eugenic practices to British high society. The episode in that History Channel series in question is called, “The Enigma of the Swastika,” and bearing in mind that this documentary neglects to mention the depth and trans-Atlantic nature of Anglo-American influence on Nazi Germany, I’ll be joined later by the co-founder of One Step Beyond, Jake Counts, for an in-depth discussion on the exportation of Eugenic Mysticism from the British Isles and Colonies to pre-World War Germany. We’ll be mentioning a lot of names, dates, and connections throughout this conversation, so it might behoove you to take notes of your own to map out exactly how these ideas connect throughout history. If, however, you’re unable to do so, our notes on this subject will be available for viewing at

Before I set you all off down this winding path to enlightenment, a brief correction: Later on in this episode, you’ll hear me refer to a book called The Mind of Adolf Hitler, a secret wartime report authored by OSS psychologist Walter C. Langer, that alleges that Adolf Hitler may have been the bastard son of Lord Rothschild; Alois Schicklegruber was the name and alias of Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, not of Adolf himself.

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