One Step Beyond Podcast #2: Eugenics by Any Other Name Would Be a Transhumanist Feat

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“The principle of equality of opportunity must be amended to read ‘equality of opportunity within the limits of aptitude.’ Thus it is a fact, however disagreeable, that a considerable percentage of the population is not capable of profiting from higher education.”

-Julian Huxley, UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy, 1946

Opening Monologue

Hello, one and all, and welcome back to the One Step Beyond podcast, brought to you by, an open-source research collective tracing the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment throughout history, among other things. I’m Josh Wiley, your personal guide through today’s episode. You can find all of our work, including podcasts, accompanying show notes for each episode, articles, and documents we obtain via Freedom of Information Act request at our website, I’m also happy to announce that the One Step Beyond podcast is now available in iTunes, as well as Stitcher Radio for your on-the-go listening needs. If you find the media presented herein valuable, please, do us a favor and rate this podcast in iTunes so this message can reach more listeners like yourself.

This is Episode 2, entitled, “Eugenics by Any Other Name Would Be a Transhumanist Feat,” and is the first episode in a series of sorts attempting to connect a number of seemingly disparate ideas, chief among those being EUGENICS and TRANSHUMANISM. We’ll be exploring the etymology of these terms, their history, and more importantly, how their past affects mankind’s potential future. Eugenics and transhumanism, after all, are not new ideas; their origins and evolution within Theosophy, the Third Reich, American intelligence, the New Age movement, cybernetics, technocracy, and more, is well documented.

…but in this New World Order, where the Old is constantly redefined and made New yet again, perhaps it’s worth taking a peek down the Memory Hole, seeing just how these schools of thought intertwine, and how the tie that ultimately binds is none other than the Anglo-American Establishment.

We’ll get to that soon enough.

Kicking off this episode and continuing throughout, you listened to Episode #137 of Rod Serling’s classic, The Twilight Zone, entitled, Number Twelve looks Just Like You, a dystopic vision eerily reminiscent of the society portrayed by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. You then heard from none other than prominent eugenicist, part-time CIA agent, full-time Imperialist himself, Aldous Huxley, in his infamous lecture, The Ultimate Revolution given at U.C. Berkeley, in which Huxley describes the trend towards dystopia occurring in Western society while neglecting to inform his audience that he is, indeed, one of the individuals helping to bring about such nightmarish conditions, as this Podcast series will hopefully demonstrate.

I then enlisted the help of Aaron Franz and his documentary, The Age of Transitions, to give listeners a bit of background on the history of eugenics and transhumanism, the affinity of British high society with these ideas, and their indivorcible connection to one another. We discover that Aldous Huxley’s brother and prominent eugenicist in his own right, Julian Huxley, coined the term transhumanism as an attempt to rebrand eugenics, a word now tainted by the atrocities of Nazi Germany. The eugenic practices of the Third Reich, however, were themselves merely the adoption of eugenic practices pioneered by American and British institutions; even Nazi Germany’s occult practices, which served as a justification for its eugenic policies, have direct historical continuity with Anglo-American groups like the Theosophical Society and the Society for Psychical Research, among others.

The occult doctrine of creating a New Man, present in Theosophy, Alchemy, Freemasonry, Nazism, the New Age movement, and Transhumanism, is an old idea recycled for the New Order. Like the Phoenix reborn from the ashes, eugenics is viewed by the Anglo-American Establishment as humanity’s “trial by fire;” a sacrifice of the Old Man to bring about the New, “perfected” man. By whose standard of perfection, then, is this New Man to be held? The groups previously listed herein have differing ideals for a New Man… or so it may initially seem.

It is these ideas that we seek to explore in the first few episodes of One Step Beyond, and it is these same ideas that researcher Alan Watt began to explore in our introductory audio collage. This episode is a foundation upon which we will lay the history of what I refer to as “eugenic Anglo-American mysticism.” As we connect these schools of thought over the past 200 years, disturbing and recurring patterns begin to emerge; patterns manifesting yet again in the post-industrial West as “transhumanism,” with dreams of digital, technocratic Utopias, reverberating from the earlier “Left-wing” cybernetics movement of the 60s and the “Right-wing” Californian ideology of the 80s and 90s. Transhumanism, indeed, transcends faux political boundaries… as do the Anglo-American marauders who market it to the unwitting public.

For the remainder of this episode, you’ll be getting a crash course on the background of some of the Anglo-American marauders in question in the form of a rare lecture by Anton Chaitkin, co-author of the Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush, tracing the history of eugenics from Britain and America to Germany… and back again, via a chain of universities, bankers, industrialists, intelligence agencies, secret and elite societies, and political dynasties like that of the Bush family. Scottish-born, Canadian-bred researcher, Alan Watt will pick up from there, with his broadcast entitled, “Thoughts of Change We Think Ours, Alas; It’s Via Lackeys of the Ruling Class,” continuing his discourse on the ruling elite’s use of cultural and technological revolution as a means of bringing about proverbial “New Deals” with society.

What is this new social contract being struck in this 21st Century, in a world with nearly total digital surveillance and flying death robots? We need only look at the old social contract and imagine it with Newer Toys for Rich Boys… lest we all end up like Marylin, trapped forever in The Twilight Zone.

With all that being said, we hope you find the remainder of this podcast entertaining as well as educationally edifying. Once again, we urge you to visit OneStepBeyond.ME and click through some of the accompanying show notes giving the ideas presented herein some much-needed context. We’re also actively in the process of publishing a series of articles based on documents we’ve received via FOIA request from the Army and CIA, exploring the “psychic spying” programs of the 70s and 80s. Given General Albert Stubblebine’s recent revelation that the INSCOM “psychic spying” program he headed was part of a larger CIA mind control initiative, this line of research is more important than ever and is directly connected to the subject of today’s podcast, “eugenic Anglo-American mysticism”. If nothing else, please visit One Step Beyond and download these freshly declassified documents to ensure they don’t disappear from the Internet and future generations of researchers.

And now, continuing with Episode 2 – Eugenics by any other name would be a Transhumanist Feat. This is One Step Beyond.


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