New Project SCANATE Documents, Same as the Old Project SCANATE Documents

July 23, 2014 | 0


As I posted earlier this month, I’ve been in the process of requesting a series of declassified documents from the CIA pertaining to project SCANATE, a progenitor of the infamous “psychic spying” program initiated by U.S. Army INSCOM, (INtelligence and Security COMmand) as the CIA has yet to digitize these documents. The Company’s CREST system has only two documents listed as pertaining to SCANATE, which are actually identical documents, save one difference: The redactions made in the SCANATE document I posted earlier are not present in this document.

What’s under those redacted segments isn’t anything too revelatory. It shows that Stanford Research Institute headed the study for the CIA and that Hal Puthoff was its manager, but this was openly discussed by Puthoff himself as early as 1996. SRI is a longstanding deep political subcontractor, so much so that it may as well be considered little more than a branch of DARPA. Some more technologically-inclined readers may be well aware of SRI’s involvement with the development of computing technology throughout history, its most popular recent addition being Apple’s SIRI, which itself began life as a DARPA project. Remote viewing research for the CIA and developing Artificial Intelligence for DARPA that’s later sold to Apple? SRI sure gets around.

The other unredacted segments simply show the remote viewing targets, most of which are in or related to the Soviet Union. It’s interesting that this more revelatory version of the same document earlier posted herein was declassified a year before its more redacted counterpart. Do both versions of this document remain in the CIA’s database solely as a bureaucratic snafu? I wonder, but I bet it’s related to the research that author Jon Ronson was doing on the program around the time these documents were made public.

Readers of this blog may be wondering, “Josh, why the hell are you investigating the remote viewing program, anyways? The whole thing seems like some bad episode of the X-Files; surely this can only lead to dead ends.” Well, hypothetical reader, I’m glad you asked, and I’ll be shedding some light upon your inquiry later this week. In the meantime, you can download the unredacted pages of the SCANATE document below. Stay tuned.

Download Project SCANATE ESDN#CIA-RDP79-00791R000100480002-4:

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