Microchip Implants For Everyone – It’s For Your Safety

September 4, 2014 | 0

Article by Jake Counts of We Are Not Cattle


During the last few days I have been reading about everything from the crisis in Ukraine to the upcoming NATO summit.  There was however, one article that caught my eye that I had to blog about.  The article is entitled “Is there a microchip implant in your future?”  The title was the hook for me and I began reading and about two paragraphs in I had to pause in horror.  The glorification of a very invasive technology with highly controversial (not to mention Orwellian) applications was being touted as something that is just as harmless as a trip to the DMV (it’s double plus good).  The selling of this technology was propagated as any good spin piece would go, appeal to emotion and ease of use.  The article starts out by introducing the idea that it is a great way to track your kids, just like your pets, in case they are abducted.  Nothing against any parent that has had this happen to them, but this is how the selling began. John Brandon discusses how this would be okay for journalist and soldiers in the line of duty.  This is probably the only application I may even come close to agreeing with.  Then the article starts the BIG SELL.  It will make your life easier, more secure, blah blah blah.  Let us not forget that the companies and government that would implement this device ALREADY SPIES, TRACKS AND TRACES EVERYTHING YOU DO!

There are only rainbows and unicorns in this view of this technology in the article.  What if your chip gives you cancer like some studies in mice etc.?  He describes an opt in kind of society, we all know that this will become a must after the overwhelming adoption of this technology that will inevitably lead to the need for one to have a chip in order to navigate simple transactions.  What if you have the chip and someone hacks it, shuts it down, or worse yet, if it breaks on your way to the hospital with your medical records, bank accounts, etc.?  The blind acceptance and utterly putrid article written from a total bias (yes I know my view is biased as well) is an example of the hack “journalist” who now infest ever part of media.

In summation, I am not against technology.  If this was an open sourced project I would possibly feel better about the aforementioned arguments.  The problem I see is that I know this would be a proprietary coding to protect the inventors patents and of course for our safety against hackers.  We are approaching an incredible time in human evolution. The question I am asking is if we will be mature enough to take a step back and ask, “Is this the right technology for human advancement or is this a clever con to force us into a 1984 type scenario?”

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